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Fundraising for 51

Do you have some ideas on how to raise funds for 51? Have a background in fundraising? Or an interest in helping us with fundraising?

Let’s chat! We could use your talents and help!

We are actively looking for volunteers for next year’s Sponsoring Committee and hoping to build a fundraising sub-committee.

Don’t be shy, email us! 51.chairperson@cadetsair.ca

FTX May 24 to May 26

Field Training Exercises (FTX) are a part of the Air Cadet training. These exercises are held on select weekends and the type and location will vary. The nature and complexity of the exercises also vary depending on the cadet training level to which they are targeted. 

Beyond building camaraderie, morale and friendships, cadets built their own shelters, fires and learn new skills that will help them in the future. 

Cadets must register to attend: FTX Registration Form

When: May 24 to May 26
Departure: May 24, Museum Parking Lot, 6:15 pm
Activity location: Camp Cadou, Otter Lake
Return: May 26, Museum Parking Lot, 4:00 pm
What to bring: Check out the kit list below to find out what you should bring to the FTX
Important note: No cell phones or electronics are allowed

Order of Dress and Kit List

The following is a list of equipment each cadet will be required to bring on the outing.  Please note that most of the activities will be outside in cold and/or wet weather.

In addition to basic clothing worn by the individuals:

    • Signed Parents/Tutor Authorization Form (Mandatory)
    • Medical Insurance Card or photocopy (Mandatory)
    • Toque or hat (Mandatory)
    • Rain gear (top and bottom) (Mandatory)
    • Sleeping bag (Mandatory
    • Scarf
    • Coat
    • Long legged pants (2 pairs) Jeans are not recommended
    • Warm sweater (preferably wool)
    • Shirt or sweater
    • Work gloves (one pair)
    • Socks (at least 3 pairs)
    • Rubber boots (Mandatory)
    • Boots (2nd pair) (must be at least water resistant. Combat boots are acceptable as a second pair of footwear only
    • T-shirts (at least 2)
    • Sweatshirt (Hoodie)
    • Underwear (at least 2 changes)
    • Pyjamas
    • Flashlight
    • Unbreakable plate, soup bowl, and cup
    • Utensils (knife, fork and spoon)
    • Personal medication (as required)
    • Personal hygiene kit
    • Sunglasses (optional)
    • Sunscreen
    • Lip balm
    • Mosquito Face Net

Important Notes

Level 4 cadets will bring a Field Message Pad or other small notebook, pencils (no pens) and plan on being able to carry all their personal belongings over a distance of 5 kilometres.

Cadets not wearing the appropriate clothing will not leave for the exercise and will be sent home.

Personal belongings will be identified.  The squadron will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

All valuable objects such as expensive watches or jewelry, audio players, as well as phones, should be left at home.

All delicacies (chocolates, candies, potato chips, etc.), as well as matches, lighters, knives and axes are forbidden.

Cadets that have a requirement to take medicine during the exercise will inform the Ex Admin O.

If a cadet has an illness, such as diabetes, epilepsy, infections or allergies, he/she must advise the Ex Admin O so that proper action can be taken in case of an emergency.

Field Training Uniform is acceptable BUT layers are recommended, and an overcoat is strongly suggested.

Everything must be placed in a waterproof container of some sort (plastic garbage bag) to avoid items getting wet in inclement weather. Do not just pack equipment in a garbage bag, it will rip open.

Aviation Career Fair – May 27

As part of the Aviation Days, in addition to the Select Aviation and Vintage Wings events, we have also partnered with the Aviation Museum to further our cadets’ experience. Come meet, greet and learn about the aviation industry from key aviation community stakeholders. 

Date: May 27
Time: 1800-2100 hrs
Location: Canada Space and Aviation Museum, 11 Aviation Pkwy, Ottawa, ON K1K 2X5
Transport: Not Provided
Dress: C3

Cadets can register at: https://forms.office.com/r/VtkFKPDiGL

Sponsoring Committee Elections May 28

The Sponsor Committee of an Air Cadet squadron is a group of civilians working with squadron staff to represent the Air Cadet Movement within the local community, to ensure indispensable local support for squadron needs, and to make necessary arrangements for squadron activities.

Come and join our fun and dynamic team. Squadrons can not function without a robust sponsoring committee. All parents and squadron supporters are welcome. We have multiple positions to fill.

Date & time: Tuesday May 28 at 6:45 pm

Where: Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Questions: 51.chairperson@cadetsair.ca

May 28 Training Canceled

We are canceling this training night to give cadets the opportunity to attend the aviation career fair night on Monday May 27th.

Annual Ceremonial Review June 8

51 Squadron’s ACR is the most important event of the Air Cadet training year. It is the opportunity for the cadets to show off to the assembled guests all that they have learned over the past training year. It is also the opportunity for the Squadron to honour deserving Cadets by presenting them with various awards.

When: Saturday June 8th
Where: Museum
Preparation Start Time: Senior cadets, flag party and staff arrive at 9:00 am and all other cadets arrive at 9:30 am
Parade Time: Starts at 1:00 pm and ends at 3:00 pm

Lunch is included and will be served around 12:00 pm. Come in your civilian clothes and don’t forget to brings all of your uniforms parts and a water bottle. Dress is C1 with medals.

More details regarding the ACR’s schedule can be found here.


Orders will be shipped and distributed by SSC early May!


Everything you need to know about uniforms can be found on our Uniforms page.