Cadet Promotions

The Squadron Commanding Officer (CO) is the authority to promote cadets.

Latest Promotions 

Promotions will be posted here.

Rank Promotion Criteria

Promotion is not automatic, and a cadet may only be awarded one rank at a time. The specific criteria for all ranks is established to:

      • ensure that all cadets who receive a rank promotion possess the same basic qualifications / similar experience;
      • ensure that merit and the successful completion of squadron training serve as the common standard on which all cadets are evaluated; and
      • ensure that every cadet is given the same opportunity to advance.

The criteria for cadet rank promotions are as follows:

For more details regarding the criteria for rank promotions, please refer to CATO -13-02.

Level Qualification Requirements

The following are the activities a cadet needs to complete at each level to be promoted to the next rank.