If you are between the ages of 12 to 18 inclusive, have Canadian government-issued identification, and parent/guardian consent, you are eligible to join Air Cadets. The program has no registration fees!  We do however ask that you participate in the occasional fund-raising activity.

Ready to register? Submit an electronic registration form with the button below. Our recruiting officer will be in touch to confirm they have received your form and will confirm once your child has been enrolled, as well as their start date.

What to expect

The cadet program is all about training and developing youth in a variety of topics and manners. Part of the training is meeting certain checkpoints and milestones. For each year of attendance, there is a corresponding level of training. As cadets progress through the program, expectations shift. However, regardless of the cadet’s experience and training, certain expectations remain the same throughout the cadet’s career.

The Squadron expects cadets to:

  • Attend scheduled mandatory/complimentary training. 
  • Follow regulations, orders and instructions.
  • Conduct himself/herself in a manner respectful of others.
  • Keep informed on current and upcoming activities.
  • Take part in fund raising activities.
  • Take care of their uniform.
  • Be responsible.
  • Use proper ranks and titles.
  • Respect the environment.
  • Ask for help if needed.

Note: The higher the attendance rate, the better; as this factor is taken into consideration when cadets undergo the merit review board process or apply for advanced summer training.


A person wishing to enroll in the Air Cadets must provide the following:

  • Copy of one of the following proofs of identity:
    • a valid Canadian passport
    • a valid identification card, visa or permit (work, study, resident, etc.), with picture, delivered by a Canadian federal government agency which legally authorizes the holder to reside in Canada for an extended period of time,
    • a valid identification card, with or without picture, issued by a Canadian federal, provincial, territorial government agency
    • a birth certificate issued by a Canadian provincial, territorial or federal government agency, (A baptismal certificate issued by a religious order will not be accepted as a proof of identity)
  • When applicable, a copy of the relevant section of the court decree or judgment or separation agreement defining the legal guardian access rights
  • When applicable, a copy of the relevant section of the court decree or judgment imposing restrictions, obligations and/or conditions on the cadet.

Documents can be sent to our recruiting officer Capt. Maria Granados

If you are transferring from another Cadet Unit please provide us with contact information of your former Commanding Officer so that we can request your personal file.  All transferring cadets will meet with the Training Officer prior to starting regular training.

Visit our Event Calendar for dates and time of our Recruit Briefing sessions.


Without volunteers many activities in a Squadron would not take place. Volunteers give their time in a variety of ways. You may choose to become a Civilian Instructor or become part of our Squadron Sponsoring Committee.

A Civilian Instructor, or CI for short, is an adult, non-uniformed member of the staff. Many cadets become CIs once they have aged out of the program. They feel that they can give back to the program by sharing their experiences and becoming role models to a new generation of young people. Civilian Instructors are normally used for their specialized knowledge. They complement the knowledge and skill set of the Military Cadet Instructors.

Here are some ways a CI can help:

  • Assist with organizing and teaching on our regular training night
  • Come out on field training exercises and assist the staff
  • Help coach or mentor with our various optional training activities
  • Speak to a group of cadets on a specific skill that complements their existing training

Let the Commanding Officer know if you have special skills. We are always looking for volunteers who can help run the activities that play such an important role in the lives of our young members.  All kinds of people make up our volunteer staff, coming from a range of backgrounds and interests. If you have direct experience working with young people, or any other relevant skills you want to share, come talk to us. If you don’t know if you have a skill we need, but you just want to help, we still want to talk to you as we will train and support you at every stage.

The Sponsoring Committee of an Air Cadet squadron is a group of civilians working with squadron staff to ensure indispensable support to the squadron. Some of the responsibilities of the Sponsoring Committee are:

  • Organize and conduct fund-raising campaigns
  • Operate a canteen
  • Help with special events
  • Assist with promotion interviews,
  • Act as a public relations representative

Visit the Support Us page to learn how you can make a difference by joining the Squadron Sponsoring Committee.