51 Squadron holds its mandatory training on Tuesday evenings between 1815 hours and 2130 hours. Opening parade is formed up by flights and allows for taking of flight attendance, inspection of cadets and flight announcements. Squadron inspection by the Cdt Comd follows if time allows as well as new squadron announcements of the evening schedule and upcoming activities. Three periods of classes normally follow. Cadets arriving after 1830 hours must sign in on the Duty Personnel Late Sheet at the Duty Personnel station in the front lobby. The late Sheet is handed in to the Administration Office at the end of the first training period. Attendance sheets should be returned by the start of first period to Admin Office. A final parade is formed up in flights for the Commanding Officer’s review if required. All squadron operations cease and cadets leave the museum by 2130 hours.

Event/Activity Time
Arrival of staff and cadet instructors 1800
Arrival of cadets 1815
Instructions on Parade Square 1830 – 1900
Training – Period 1 1900 – 1930
Break 1930 – 1935
Training – Period 2 1935 – 2005
Break 2005 – 2025
Training – Period  2025 – 2055
Announcements on Parade Square 2055 – 2100
End of Training and Pick up Time 2100 – 2115
Optional Briefings 2115 – 2130


51 Squadron will hold a parade for the CO to allow him to inspect the squadron and present promotions and awards. The parade also allows cadets to practice drill movements. COs parades will be held as directed. Unless otherwise specified, the CO will act as the Reviewing Officer.


51 Squadron’s ACR is the most important event of the Air Cadet training year. It is the opportunity for the cadets to show off to the assembled guests all that they have learned over the past training year. It is also the opportunity for the Squadron to honour deserving Cadets by presenting them with various awards.


The Squadron Protocol Dinner is based on the Mess Dinner “Dining In” format. Mess Dinners provide an opportunity for mess members to meet on a formal but friendly occasion, allowing the CO or his guests to address the members as a group. By custom and tradition mess dinners are considered to be a parade and as such, attendance is compulsory except for members excused by the CO.


Field Training Exercises (FTX) are a part of the Air Cadet training. These exercises are held on select weekends and the type and location will vary. The nature and complexity of the exercises also vary depending on the cadet training level to which they are targeted. These are always fun events that are thoroughly enjoyed by cadets, who learn new aircrew survival skills during their Field Training Exercise. Cadets learned how to build a fire, proper shelter, survival psychology and even have the chance to sleep in the shelters they build.