Summer Training

Attending summer training is a rewarding experience and each cadet is encouraged to apply. This opportunity will allow you to meet people from across Canada and acquire really interesting skills.

These training courses are not offered specifically by 51 Squadron but are coordinated and delivered by training centres here in Ottawa and in every region of Canada.

Each year, the Squadron receives an allotted number of spaces for various summer training opportunities. The number of spaces is based on the number of cadets registered in the Squadron and will fluctuate from year to year. Due to the limited amount of space and allocation for summer training, each cadet that applies for summer training will be reviewed thoroughly by the staff based on their attendance, ability, drill, dress and general attitude.

Please note that most courses place some cadets on a waitlist. If a cadet does not initially receive an offer of participation, the cadet will be placed on a waitlist pending any openings.

Cadet Training Centre (CTC)

These summer training experiences for senior cadets range from 3 weeks to 7 weeks in duration and are generally located within Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) facilities. You normally start off with a three-week summer course, and the duration increases as you go along. These courses allow you to develop specialist knowledge and skills in one part of the cadet program such as aviation, aircrew survival, physical fitness, marksmanship, drill, or music. 

Scholarship Courses

These experiences for senior cadets are intended to issue cadets with Transport Canada licences to operate glider or powered aircraft. They range from 6 to 7 weeks in duration and are held at CTCs or private flight schools across Quebec. Applications for these courses require a written examination and interview.

Staff Cadet Opportunities

Cadets sixteen years of age and older may also apply for positions as staff cadets at CTCs in a variety of positions. These cadets receive a daily advanced training allocation between $104 and $128.

For more information visit the official Summer training page.