Marksmanship is one of the most popular cadet training activities. It focuses on teaching cadets the proper use and safe handling of firearms for recreational purposes only. The marksmanship program is based on Olympic-style competition. Self-confidence, acceptance of responsibility and sports etiquette are just some of the life skills acquired from the training. A healthy respect for firearms, the development of proficient use of rifles for sport and recreational purposes, and an improvement in self-discipline are additional benefits. Cadets use the Daisy 853C air rifle that fires a .177 calibre pellet Throughout the year, cadets participate in a series of competitions at the local level that culminate in zone and territorial/provincial competitions and the annual National Cadet Marksmanship Championship.


CI Danielle Belanger


Any cadet, from any level, may try out for the Marksmanship Teams. Team tryouts typically run from September to the end of November. The marksmanship coach selects 20 cadets to attend the competition practices from December to the end of April. Cadets are selected according to scores and attendance to practices. Practices reopen to all cadets at the beginning of May.


Training dates and times can be found in the 51 Squadron Event Calendar


Training locations can be found in the  51 Squadron Event Calendar


Qualifications are based on shooting 10 pellets onto two targets for all levels. The 10 pellets are fired on the same relay. The highest qualification attained during the year is retained. For a Marksman qualification, a cadet must obtain two groupings of 3 cm on two targets. Cadet Marksmanship Championships Series Pins are awarded when a member competes in the various levels of competition.

Qualification Level Badges

Competition Participation Pins

Competition Results

2024 Regional/Zone Competition

Gold – Team C – Left to right

WO1 Rennison, FCpl Delorme, Cpl Iftikher, FSgt Abou Mrad, Cpl O’Hanlon (not in picture)


Silver – Team B – Left to right

Sgt Hazi, Cpl Lalonde, FSgt Georges, WO2 Covo, Cpl Guerette

Bronze – Team A – Left to right

LAC Hossain, LAC Francis, Sgt Hazi, Cpl Murchison, Sgt Chamberlain

Open/Senior Category

Gold: WO1 Rennison

Silver: FCpl Delorme

Bronze: FSgt Abou Mrad

Junior Category

Gold: Cpl Guerette

Silver: Cpl Iftikher

2024 Provincial Marksmanship Competition

Top Team – Prone and Standing Combined

Top Team – Standing

Gold Overall – Prone and Standing Combined – FCpl Delorme

Bronze Overall – Prone and Standing Combined – WO2 Rennison

Silver Standing – FCpl Delorme