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Weekly Messages (October 1)

Commanding Officer:

Commanding Officer's (CO) Parade

Tuesday October 4th is the Squadron's first CO's parade of the year. The parade will take place during 1st period. Dress is C1.

Go to the Dress Regulations page to learn about the different orders of dress.


Fall Field Training Exercise (FTX) Registration

The cadet training program requires air cadets to participate in one FTX activity per training year.

The aim of these exercises is to:

  • Instruct and review lessons taught to cadets during regular training nights and in previous FTXs;
  • Teach and demonstrate new survival skills;
  • Offer leadership opportunities to the Level 3, 4 and 5 cadets through lesson planning as well as leadership tasks; and
  • Provide an environment where squadron esprit-de-corps can be fostered.

The fall FTX is taking place in person October 14-16. It will be an overnight activity where cadets are dropped off at the museum on Friday at 6:30pm and picked up at the museum on Sunday at 4:30pm.


Cadets must register using the following EventBrite link:



What to bring:

Cadets must be dressed appropriately for outdoor weather, as we will not have access to an indoor facility during the day. Sleeping bags suitable for the weather will be provided. Do not forget to bring a reusable water bottle, labeled with your last name. Outdoor working gloves are suggested, but not required

Consult the FTX Order of Dress for a detailed list of items to bring.


Meals will be provided, but we ask that cadets arrive already having eaten dinner on Friday. We will host breakfast lunch and dinner on Saturday and Breakfast and lunch on Sunday. We must respect the facility, and as such, cadets will not be authorized to bring their own food or snacks. Cadets will be eating a combination of fresh food and military ration packs. Vegetarian options will be made available. If you have specific dietary concerns, please discuss them with your level officer.


In-person training procedures


All cadets and staff must comply with our in-person training procedures at all time. In the event cadets are disrupting training or putting others at risk, parents/guardians will be called and will need to pick up their cadet.


Getting Information

The website is constantly being updated with new information on 51 Squadron's upcoming activities. Cadets are encouraged to check the squadron's Event Calendar for upcoming activities.

Did you know you can add the Squadron's Google Calendar to your 51 Squadron or personal email calendar? At the bottom of the Event calendar, click the + to the left of Google Calendar to add the calendar to your email.

Covid-19 Protocols

It is the responsibility of the cadet participant to complete the COVID-19 assessment tool of the province or the city where the activity is taking place and to follow the recommendations of this tool in the event that symptoms are experienced. Any cadet who is infected or has been in contact with a COVID-19 positive case should notify their level officer.

A distance of one meter between each person should be encouraged at all times. Sharing of equipment (e.g., water bottle, etc.) should be avoided whenever possible (one man, one kit). If equipment must be shared, it must be cleaned before being passed from one user to another.

Masks are not required outdoor when physical distance can be maintained. Masks are not mandatory indoor EXCEPT if required by facilities used. Cadets will be notified accordingly. A person may still choose to wear the mask. Uniformity among participants shall not be enforced. May be removed during a fitness test. If worn, may be removed for eating and drinking (must be put back on immediately).

No proof of immunization is required to be a member of the Cadet Program.