Air Cadet League of Canada

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Squadron Cadet Staff

Here are the cadets who supervise and teach our cadets. As cadets progress through the Air Cadet program, they learn to take on additional responsibilities, such as being in charge of a flight or teaching younger cadets. It is by becoming leaders today that cadets will become the leaders of tomorrow.

Breanna Sirois
Cadet Squadron Commander (Cdt Comd)

Paige Rennison
Cadet Squadron Deputy Commander (Cdt DComd)

Sophie-Chanel Bourré
Cadet Squadron Warrant Officer (SWO)

Ananthakrishnan Manoj
Admin Non-Commissioned Officer (Admin NCO)

Victoria Stoski
Training Non-Commissioned Officer (Trg NCO)

Alexander Wang
Recruiting Non-Commissioned Officer (Rec NCO)

Sacha Kayijuka
Tech Team Non Commissioned Officer (Tech NCO)

Dante Kania
Senior Development Non-Commissioned Officer (SD NCO)
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