Air Cadet League of Canada

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How can I contact my Chain of Command?

The Squadron Chain of Command can be contacted electronically by hyperlinks found on the Squadron Staff and Squadron Cadet Staff pages.

How do I replace or exchange parts of my uniform?

Fill out the Yellow Form held with the Duty Personnel at the front of the Museum.  Supply will contact you to set up an appointment.

Why do I need to check the squadron website?

All cadets are responsible to check the squadron website at least once a week for messages.  At a minimum the website Calendar and Weekly Messages pages should be checked on the day preceding any cadet activity for the latest updated information.  IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE.

How do I get a plastic nametag?

Cadets may purchase replacement, additional or new blue plastic nametags for $3.50 each (including applicable taxes).  Please write your name on the Nametag Request Form at the Canteen table.  Orders are placed at the beginning of every month.

Why can’t we stop in front of the Museum entrance to get dropped off or picked up?

For security reasons, ONLY the main parking area is to be used for dropping off or to pick up cadets.  It takes only 30 more seconds for the cadets to reach you or to get into the Museum.  Please Do not stop, park or wait in the fire lane at the front of the museum.  Not only is it illegal to stop or park in a fire lane, it also poses a safety hazard for our cadets as it could prevent access to the site for emergency vehicles.

What time are cadets expected to arrive for training nights?

Mandatory training nights begin at 1815 hours.  Access to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum cannot be guaranteed before 1745 hours.  Cadets dropped off before 1745 hours are not the responsibility of the squadron and may be locked out of the museum.

Why do I need to advise my Chain of Command about my attendance at cadet activities?

Attendance is taken into account for promotions, summer camp selections, activity selections, awards, etc.  You get more points for being excused than being absent.  If you are unable to attend a training night, advise your chain of command ahead of time, or call the squadron phone number (613-742-5151) and advise you are unable to be there.  You will be marked as excused.

Cadets must always indicate whether or not they are attending a cadet activity by using the cadet chain of command.  That means that it is COMPULSORY to report to their Section Commander (Sect Comd) and Flight Commander (Flt Comd) first and not directly to the cadet in charge of the activity (Cdt IC).

My personal information has changed, what do I do?

Cadets are required to advise Administration of any changes regarding their telephone number, email address or personal address as well as keep an up-to-date health card on record with the Squadron.

Do I need to identify my personal effects?

Yes, all cadets are to write their name in all their personal effects including their cadet uniform items.

Can I bring valuable items to cadet activities?

Cadets are urged to avoid bringing items of value (cellular phones, iPods, computers, jewellery, etc.) to cadet activities.  Such items will be left unattended for long periods of time.  The squadron is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings.

What is considered appropriate civilian attire at cadet activities?

All cadet activities conducted in civilian attire (Band, Drill Team, Ground School, etc.) must uphold a positive and professional image of the Squadron and the entire Canadian Cadet Movement.  Refusal to abide by the following civilian attire regulations will result in disciplinary measures or introduction of team practices in uniform:

  • Sleepwear (pyjamas, slippers, etc.) is strictly forbidden.
  • Female cadets must tie their hair back (pony tail, braids, etc.) or wear their hair up.
  • Hair style and colour must not be bizarre, exaggerated, or unusual in appearance.
  • A combination of issued uniform parts and civilian clothing is not permitted.